Adele Canceled Concert Fireworks After Son Got Hit In The Eye

How scary!

March 3, 2017

Adele Canceled Concert Fireworks Because Her Son Got Hit In The Eye

Scary! During Adele’s soundcheck for her concert in Australia, they were testing fireworks and her four-year-old son Angelo got hit in the eye by debris. So Adele released a statement that said, “Up until last night, we did have fireworks for you. My son was watching (soundcheck) in the crowd… a bit of debris when in his eye so we got rid of them.” Later that night, Adele asked the audience to cheer if they wanted to keep the fireworks moving forward or boo if they didn’t want to risk stuff getting in their eyes. The audience voted to keep the fireworks, so Adele said they’ll do it next time. My guess is that Angelo will be far away backstage.

The Investigation Of Lisa Marie Presley’s Estranged Husband Is Over

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation put an end to their preliminary investigations into Lisa Marie Presley’s claims that her estranged husband Michael Lockwood has inappropriate photos of children. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said, “We have not been able to determine a crime occurred in Tennessee and accordingly do not have an open investigation.” I wonder what's going to happen with their twin girls now. Will they stay with Lisa Marie Presley’s mother, Priscilla? No word yet!

Ed Sheeran Thinks Taylor Swift Will Drop New Music Next Christmas

Everyone is waiting for it. New music from Taylor Swift. She’s taking a much-needed break, but when will the new stuff get here? Her close friend Ed Sheeran spoke about it in an interview, saying “Taylor Swift isn’t going to be releasing until probably the end of this year-Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone buys records.” He even made the joke, “So I’ve got a full year of just all Ed, all the time.” So true. I’m all about Ed right now!

Ariana Grande Fan Crashes Concert Stage

I think this is every singer’s worst nightmare. Ariana Grande was performing and during her concert a fan crashed the stage! No one seems to know how he accessed the stage, but in the video you can clearly see the guy walk toward Ariana Grande and then start to wave at her. Then, he gets grabbed by a guard who removes him. Ariana Grande handled it like a pro though. She even kept singing and hit a high now! Watch it below.

You Can Take A Comedy Class Taught By Steven Martin

Want to learn how to be funny from Steve Martin? He has signed on to teach an online crash course in comedy. He even released a trailer for it!

Steve Martin says that the classes will focus on his specific process, which includes things like performing, writing and editing. There will be over 25 videos and a downloadable workbook! If you pre-enroll, it will only cost you $90.