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Watch Out For This Annoying Prank Going On At The Airport!

People on social media have captured this prank going on at the airport by anonymous pranskters. People have been posting very real looking stickers of wall outlets in random spots in airports around the country! Don't be one of the people who gets fooled by this. Wanted to give you a heads up!... Read More

John Mayer‘s House Was Burglarized

John Mayer‘s House Was Burglarized Oh no! John Mayer's new home has reportedly been burglarized. It was broken into on Friday after someone smashed a bedroom window. John Mayer's security guard noticed the broken window and called the police. Authorities have revealed that the intruder took... Read More

Demi Lovato Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour

Demi Lovato Cancels The Rest Of Her Tour It looks like Demi Lovato means business this time when it comes to getting sober. She canceled the rest of the shows on her tour. So clearly Demi Lovato will be in treatment for a long amount of time. Refunds will be made available for everyone who bought... Read More