Keith Richards Blasts Adele And Rihanna For One Dumb Reason

March 31, 2016
This seems to happen every couple of years. An artist who writes their own songs has to attack someone who doesn't. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has spoken out to say that stars like Adele and Rihanna "can't rely on themselves" because they need collaborators to write or help write their music. 

This argument is so dumb. We want to see people who are the best at what they do no matter what. How good of a basketball player would Michael Jordan have been if no one had ever coached him? How would a world leader function without the advice of their staff? 

Boy bands are often criticized for not playing instruments. Who cares? Some people want to see singers who can harmonize and dance really well. 

Keith: Please be grateful for the talent you have and let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. 

Photo: USA Today