You Know Those People Who Wait Until The Last Minute To Merge? Turns Out, They're Doing It RIGHT!

September 23, 2016

Whenever you have to merge into one lane in a construction zone, there's always those people who wait to the very last minute and merge. I see this this every day at the flyover, and may be guilty of this. :) Turns out, they're doing it RIGHT, and everyone else is wrong. Kansas DOT has been promoting this trying to get everyone to follow, and officials in Coloroda have been promoting this for over a decade. It's called the Zipper Merge method. People think it makes sense to merge as soon as they can creating a back up in the lane, and they don't want to make people mad by skipping them. But, studies show that if everyone waited until closer to the merge point, traffic would move 35% faster. And, it's safer. There would be less accidents. 

Below is a video that shows how it works: