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Breakfast Will Never Be The Same: Golden Girls Cereal Is Here

A "Golden Girls" cereal has finally hit the market . . . just a little over 26 years since the show went off the air. And no, it's actually not one of those terrible high fiber / bran ones. It was put out by Funko, the company that makes those anime-style, pop culture dolls with the big heads.It's... Read More

Your Oreo Dreams Are Coming True: More Filling!!!

If you love the Double Stuffed Oreos like me and you'd be happy with even MORE cream filling, your dreams are about to come true. Oreo just announced they're going to be coming out with new "Most Stuf" cookies . . . which will have more cream than ANY Oreos ever. I've got the story here . Read More

The Most Popular Crimes Most Of Us Have Committed

Over 150,000 people took an online poll about small crimes everyone commits. And the stats are interesting. I'll admit I've done 7 of these. How many of these crimes have YOU committed? 1. Have you ever jaywalked? 90% of people said they have. 2. Have you ever rolled through a stop sign? Only 51%... Read More

Security Tip: Things You Should Never Keep In Your Wallet

I think most of us know this, but it's always good to have a reminder since the holidays are fast approaching. Here are six things you should never keep in your wallet or purse . . . 1. A list of your passwords. If you write your passwords down, it might SEEM safer to keep the list in your wallet... Read More