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21 Things That Cause Moms To Lose Their %@&#

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a working-outside-the-home mom; if you are a mom, your going to lose your sh*t from time to time. So, next time someone wants to know why you're so b*tchy, tag them in this ! Read More

Big Reveal: The Most Enjoyable Decade in a Person's Life

If you're under 40, hopefully you've really enjoyed yourself . . . because apparently, life's just MISERABLE after that. A new survey asked people: What's the most enjoyable decade in a person's life? And only 18% of people went with anything after 40. The most popular answer was ages 21 to 30... Read More

Wahlburgers: When Is It Finally Coming To Memphis?

Wahlburgers has been on its way to Memphis for quite a while now. In fact, it should have been opened already. Now there's a new update from Memphis Business Journal: When the restaurant chain first announced its Beale Street location last year, the company was hoping to open within six months,... Read More

The Most-Banned Wedding Songs. Is Yours On The List?

We're still the middle of wedding season, and if you're not really a "wedding person," hopefully you've been able to dodge the bullet. And you'll probably also appreciate another look at this list of the 'Most-Banned Wedding Songs.' They're mostly the ones that have cheesy choregraphed dances,... Read More

Would You Name Your Baby Isis or Lucifer?

Were you worried that the trend of people giving their kids the STRANGEST possible names was dying down? You can relax. Plenty of people out there are still doing it. The website Nameberry.com just went through the Social Security Administration's data on baby names from last year to find some of... Read More

Box Office Report: Who Came Out On Top This Weekend?

"The Equalizer 2" won the box office this weekend . . . narrowly slipping past "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again". "The Equalizer 2" made $35.8 million in its first week, while "Mamma Mia" opened with $34.4 million. Here's this weekend's Top 10 . . . 1. NEW: "The Equalizer 2", $35.8 million. 2. NEW: "... Read More