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Top 10 Things Americans Are Giving Up for Lent

Top 10 Things Americans Are Giving Up for Lent

Although rooted in ancient Christian practice, the idea of “giving something up for Lent” permeates American popular culture. Witness the Twitter Lent Tracker operated for a decade by OpenBible.info. The index tracks the number of mentions of Lent or “giving up” something during the week of Ash... Read More
Viral Video

Viral Video: Deer Running Through Kroger

ZIONSVILLE, IN - Shoppers at an Indiana Kroger were in for a big surprise when a deer tore through the grocery store Saturday evening Click here to see the video. Brigitte Dan was shopping with her mom and two children at the Zionsville location of the supermarket chain when she recorded the... Read More
Valentine's Donuts

Dunkin' and Grubhub Are Giving Away Half Dozens of Donuts

It's almost Valentine's Day which means lots of romance and sweetness and hearts and good things. But even if you're not into the whole love situation, I think we can all get behind Valentine's Day food deals and the discounted candy that follows the holiday. One of the best Valentine's Day deals... Read More
Valentine's Day

Where You Can Find Sweet Valentine's Day Deals

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’re probably still looking for the perfect way to impress your loved one. Fortunately, PEOPLE has a guide to which chain restaurants will be offering some romantic Valentine’s Day deals. We’ve got you covered when it comes to fine dining, but we can also... Read More
Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston

Should Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Get Back Together?

BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON . . . who knew that in the year 2020, we'd be losing our minds over a possible reunion? But here we are. They talk, they touch, they sit near each other at award shows. And where is ANGELINA JOLIE? Who knows? Who cares? Well, a survey of nearly 8,000 people finally... Read More
Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Talks Being Replaced By Kelly Clarkson

STEVE HARVEY's NBC daytime talk show was replaced last year by one hosted by KELLY CLARKSON. But he's fine with it. He says, quote, "I'm happy for people. You know, I'm a person of faith, so when a door closes for me, I just walk up the hall. It's more doors. I like Kelly Clarkson, I'm happy for... Read More
Knives Out

Knives Out Sequel In The Works

Rian Johnson appears ready for another sharp sleuthing story, as he’s working on a sequel to Knives Out. With an A-list ensemble cast, off-kilter humor, and cleverly delivered socio-political commentary, the writer-director’s whodunit was one of the best films of last year. It also racked in a... Read More
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Spotted At Jennifer Aniston's Christmas Party

Start up the rumor mill again, because BRAD PITT went to JENNIFER ANISTON's Christmas party on Saturday. Other attendees included Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Jimmy Kimmel. Brad was there for about four hours. He showed up around 7:00 p.m., and stayed until the end. I know what you're thinking... Read More
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Unveils New Album Title & Tracklist

Selena Gomez just revealed the artwork andofficial title for her upcoming album and it’s Rare! The 27-year-old singer revealed the name and track list for the record with a teaser video, giving fans a little sneak peek of the music still to come. Available on January 10th, Rare features 13 songs... Read More

Here's How You Can Get A Free Chipotle Burrito This Week

The holidays are expensive, so as my gift to you, I am committed to finding as much free and cheap food that you can score over the month of December as possible. One of the best deals I've found so far is the chance to get a delicious Chipotle burrito for absolutely zero dollars as part of the... Read More