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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Finally Doing A Movie Together

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have been married almost 10 years, but they've never made a movie together. Until now. They're co-starring in an upcoming family film called "Dakota". Megan will play a woman who struggles to maintain the family farm and raise her daughter after her husband dies in... Read More

Is NSYNC Ready To Reunite Without Justin Timberlake?

After all the hype they got from performing with Ariana Grande at Coachella, 'NSYNC minus Justin Timberlake might be ready to hit the road, and maybe even record some new music. Obviously, they'd include Justin in a heartbeat, but they've waited long enough for him to come around. A source says,... Read More

J Lo Addresses Alex Rodriguez Cheating Rumors

A couple of weeks ago, rumors started swirling that Alex Rodqiguez and cheated on Jennifer Lopez weeks before he popped the question to her. A-Rod has a history of being a "player" so what does J. Lo think of the rumors? Read all about it here. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The... Read More

Did Alex Rodriguez Cheat On Jennifer Lopez?!

I don't know if I believe this story or not, but given Alex Rodriguez' history...it's possible.But there's a "Playboy" model who claims that A-Rod was hitting her up in the weeks before he proposed. Her name is Zoey Gregory, and she told the not-always-reliable British tabloids, quote, "While... Read More

Check Out The New Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Coming Soon

Do you prefer the peanut butter or the chocolate part of a Reese's cup? Personally, I like them evenly. But whether you're more into the sweet chocolate or the salty touch of the peanut butter filling, you will definitely be happy about the new Reese's Lovers Cups. The limited-time treats are... Read More

Weekend Box Office "Us" Broke Records

Did you see "Us" at the movies this weekend? I saw it and loved it! And "Us" was big at the box office,too. It raked in more than $70 million. That set a new opening weekend record for an original horror movie,blowing past the record of $50.2 million set by "A Quiet Place" last year. It also more... Read More