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Would You Ride This Very Creaky Ferris Wheel?

A guy in Georgia posted video of himself and his stepdaughter riding a very creaky Ferris wheel at a fair. It's giving off such a high-pitched sound that it's frightening. I'd beg to be let off if it were me! Watch the video here . Read More

21 Things That Cause Moms To Lose Their %@&#

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a working-outside-the-home mom; if you are a mom, your going to lose your sh*t from time to time. So, next time someone wants to know why you're so b*tchy, tag them in this ! Read More

Big Reveal: The Most Enjoyable Decade in a Person's Life

If you're under 40, hopefully you've really enjoyed yourself . . . because apparently, life's just MISERABLE after that. A new survey asked people: What's the most enjoyable decade in a person's life? And only 18% of people went with anything after 40. The most popular answer was ages 21 to 30... Read More

Wahlburgers: When Is It Finally Coming To Memphis?

Wahlburgers has been on its way to Memphis for quite a while now. In fact, it should have been opened already. Now there's a new update from Memphis Business Journal: When the restaurant chain first announced its Beale Street location last year, the company was hoping to open within six months,... Read More

The Most-Banned Wedding Songs. Is Yours On The List?

We're still the middle of wedding season, and if you're not really a "wedding person," hopefully you've been able to dodge the bullet. And you'll probably also appreciate another look at this list of the 'Most-Banned Wedding Songs.' They're mostly the ones that have cheesy choregraphed dances,... Read More